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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
In our (limited) experience, stage two takes longer than stage one, and if you are only running one stage two against three stage ones, you'll fall further and further behind.

Fortunately, the numbers we are working on fit within 512MB easily, so our dual core box can get by on just 1GB of memory.
I could be totally or partially wrong about this, but I'm guessing your experience is with p-1 rather than ecm. If you have 4 equal cores, 3 are only running Stage 1, and the last core is either running Stage 2 on available Stage 1s or running a Stage 1, then it can easily keep up.

In my case, though, the 4th core is deciding to run another Stage 1 when there are already Stage 1s available, which is bugging me.
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