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Okay, new problem. Though, hopefully, other people can make use of this in the future. In my case, it specifically involves running ecm on Linux, but I intend to learn how to do scripting commands, so I'm hoping I can make stuff for Windows people at some point in the future.

Edit: After actually writing this post, I realized how much work it would be, so no need for flames or polite rebuke. I have plenty of time on my hands, so I'll attempt to accomplish this with the next 2-3 months.

Here are the problems, in list format. I'm not feeling my best, so I'd rather not try to explain them in paragraph form.

(1) I have 4 cores. I want exactly one core to look for completed Step 1 files and run them if found. If no Step 1 file is found, then the core runs a Step 1, after which the script starts over. The other three cores JUST run Step 1.

(2) (a) At the moment, the scripts I'm using, made by someone else, only seem to allow running one number and one set of curve parameters. Plus, I can't control how many curves are done, it's simply a matter of stopping the scripts and resetting the parameters when I want to change things. (Although the person who created the scripts is very much appreciated. :) )

(b) It would be nice to have a function(script? not good with the lingo) that could take a number and assign the computer a certain number of curves for that number, at a certain level. I'm thinking it could work a bit like sr2sieve and sr2work.txt operate.

(3) Lastly, with the scripts I'm using, I've had to learn some bash commands to figure out how much progress has been made and to look for factors. You can come up with any way you want to track this, but I'm hoping it can be simplified.

What I'm thinking for as a solution to number 3 would be to have an assignment file with a specific name. People would be discouraged from changing the file, except to correct errors or remove assignments(although this could cause error correction headaches for the programmer). Basically each assignment would get a number, starting with either zero or 1, then incrementing by 1 for each new assignment. Then there would be a space and the number to be worked on in expanded format, the next line would give number of curves needed and either just the B1, which would mean use B2=B1*100, or would have a special letter to indicate use of the "special" method(can't remember it's name)
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