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Just thought I'd post some more about the latest commit I'm using, since I mentioned the error (exit -6) trouble.

I'm still running the same commit across my entire "farm." I have only experienced one or two more of the troublesome error, but the bulk of my factorizations have been for composites <160 dd.

I have experienced a couple other issues, but they may have been noticed with earlier commits, too. The most annoying is if I run the server without the "--server" switch, quite often, one or more of the localhost polyselect processes gets lost. Then the server stops everything (except the constant checking for it) until the timeout occurs. It then goes ahead and reissues the WU and all is then well. But waiting an hour (or even the 15 minutes I now have it set at) for a lost WU to be replaced is (as mentioned) "annoying."

Because of this, I now use the "--server" switch and invoke the clients on the server machine externally.
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