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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
For srsieve2 I see what you mean. The check for "divisibility by 2" is done before sieving is started.

I will change srsieve2 to sieve (k*b^n+c)/d for any d. That would allow srsieve2 to benefit other users as it will be able to sieve a few repunit sequences.

Regarding "p per second", the value it shows is rather useless. The factor rate and estimated completion time are far more important.

For srsieve I will change the current error condition to a warning (it is a warning in srsieve2), but cannot guarantee that starting with -p3 will not remove terms divisible by 2.

That would be great for srsieve2 Mark!

When you are done please post the executable here and I will test it as best as I can.

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