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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
If the candidates are divisible by 2, then they are composite and srsieve will remove them. I see zero reason for srsieve to behave differently.
I'm with Sweety on this one. (Surprise, surprise! ) You did not read his request carefully. Please reread it and consider a more nuanced response. His complaint is one that I had about srsieve when I was working on the same conjectures that he was about a year ago. They are some conjectures that are fairly interesting and have been previously worked on by several others long before him and me.

There is no reason for srsieve to immediately error out candidates that are divisible by 2 since it should automatically remove them anyway in the normal course of sieving. By automatically errorring them out such tests that he is referring to cannot be properly sieved.

It would be like having srsieve automatically erroring out candidates that are divisible by 3 before doing actual sieving on them. It is an uneccesary error check that prevents other kinds of sieving from being done.

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