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Haha, nice one! Thanks for sharing it.

BTW, why don't we have a "happy birthday" section? (we have one for RIP...)

May I steal this thread for a "happy birthday" thing?

Let's start...

Happy birthday Alexander Rybak.

I really love this guy, not only because he is a genius in music. He IS a genius, I would compare him to Mozart, he can sing, he plays I don't know how many instruments (I love that violin!), he talks I don't know how many languages, and not last thing, he is a very handsome man. But first of all I love him because I see him as the man who destroyed the political intrigues of the idiots from eurovision.

Remark I didn't use title cases, you don't write trash with title cases. I never liked eurovision. It was a very political thing from the very beginning, it was designed to be political. The voting is done in such a way to allow cheating, the winners were always not the best singers/songs, but they were selected on different criteria, every time when they want to point to some global problems, to point to some part of the world, or phenomenon, like petrol, war, homosexuality, whatever, and they wanted all the world to look in this or that direction, the right winner was selected (before contradicting me, look back in the past!). Many talents go there with hope, just to find their wings broken.

All until Rybak. In the year when he participated, the voting for him was so massive, they could not avoid giving the award to him. I think that the public would skin them alive if they would try to do otherwise. I usually (with few exceptions) vote for Romania, from patriotism (or call it nostalgia, stupidity, whatever), even if I know that most of the time my vote is wasted and/or the song/singer didn't worth my vote. That year I voted for Rybak, and I was proud to do so. I was proud that humanity gives such a guy. Don't laugh!

This year they didn't sent him at Copenhagen, even if he had a song written for him for this special event. They were afraid of him, I imagine the red phone ringing somewhere and someone saying "hey friend, don't send that guy here, we have different plans, you know". He put the song on the web and already has millions of likes. People love the violin, the voice, the Russian inflorescence of the song.

This year the eurovision was again, as expected, a fiasco. I have nothing against transsexuals, but seriously??? (when Rybak won the show idiots were saying that he won because is looking nice and it was voted by homosexuals; other idiots dared to compare him with justin beaver, or how that bad ass kid is called). And now, what are they doing? Way to go eurovision... way to go...
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