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Originally Posted by CRGreathouse View Post
Using (99/10001)/(1/73+1/137) = 33/70. Convenient, but not good if you're trying to minimize terms (as I was). Also interesting would be minimizing the maximum term, maximizing the minimum term, and minimizing the maximum ratio (or difference) between terms.
Thx for your postet solutions, this is an interesting approach to solve this problem.

The "generic" method (which also works for prime denominators) is to choose a smooth number k which factors into small primes and write the numerator in (99k)/(10001k) as a sum of factors of the denominator. This leads to a unit fraction expansion for 99/10001, e.g. 1/247 + 1/292 + 1/949 + 1/1898 + 1/2603 + 1/3562 + 1/5548.

An interesting question is to how to find the expansion, where all denominators are bounded by a number as small as possible.
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