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Originally Posted by PrimeCruncher
Damn! And I thought my operation was of a pretty decent size:
You've got to start somewhere. I started with my own 486 and by asking if I could use some SGI Indys in a computer lab at my university during times when the lab was closed. Then I added a few Sun machines and a couple of Windows machines, and then idle time on an IBM SP/2, then more labs, and then more and more Linux machines which have replaced the old Indys and Suns.

There are negative sides to large operations. My current Primenet Report is 2676 lines long. At the end it says:
Factored composite : 69
Lucas-Lehmer composite: 1028
Double-checked LL : 96
---------------------- -------
TOTAL : 1193
Kind of hard to get an overview. But no primes yet...
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