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Originally Posted by Gary Edstrom
Of course, we all know about the team efforts of Curtisc and Team_Prime_Rib, but what is currently the largest INDIVIDUAL effort under way?
Depends how you define individual, I guess. Not all the computers I use are owned by me, but I have set up everything and written all the scripts I use to control my farm. Every participating computer is controlled by me, by permission of course.
As for my miniscule contribution, I have two P-4 systems (2.2GHz & 2.6GHz) and a Celeron (2.6GHz) working on it.
A few numbers from my report:
Intel Pentium III : 113
AMD Athlon : 1
Intel Pentium II : 3
Intel Celeron : 1
Intel Pentium : 2
Unspecified type : 133
---------------------- -------
TOTAL, uniquely named : 255
Most of them are only running mprime when no users are logged in. Some are only running at night. I also use some dual G5s and 4 of 64 Itanium2 CPUs on a HP SuperDome with 0 priority through a batch system.
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