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Yes I recall that article. I am a bit lerry of their homegrown DB tests. Woud our DB transactions be similar to a Forum?? What DB system are they using? To confirm their results if they use the DB we want to use (mySQL??) are their any other Athon vs. Xeon benchmarks?
The Athlons do amazingly well at the forum and ad database, and still really well at the website database. Even if the Athlons did the same for our use as they did in the website DB for anandtech, they would still have a better price/performance ratio than the Xeons. You are right about the database, they don't mention what software they use. However, I still think mySQL would preform better on the Athlons.

As for hosting at a university, maybe we could see if curtisc (the highest ranked user on Prime95) would be willing to host it. He is located at Central Missouri State University:
Since they already have it running on hundreds of computers and a website dedicated to it, maybe they would be willing to host it. Plus, universities have tons of bandwidth. What is 58 more megs a day? A single kazaa user could surpass that in like an hour.

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