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I don't mind Athlons, I just want to see some mySQL benchmarks on Xeons with dual channel DDR / RDRAM and Athlon MPs.
That Anandtech article I linked to had comparisons of dual Athlons vs. dual Xeons. The Athlons, even while at much slower speeds. I am not sure if they make dual Xeon boards with RDRAM (at least anymore). I think they have switched over to dual DDR because it provides similar bandwidth with lower latency.

That is a valid point. The storage subsystem must fit in the 1U case. How many hard drives can a 1U case contain?
I have seen up to 4 hot swappable hard drives in a 1U case (IDE or SCSI).

How do you plain to do IDE RAID 5? They make controllers but are they integrated into any Dual Athlon MB that fit in a 1/2 U case? Or will the IDE Raid PCI card fit into a xU rack case?

RAID 5 is essential. We can not afford to loose data from a HD crash. Recall that most IDE drives only have a 1 year warranty now. [some high end drives have the 3 year warranty] A 5 year warranty is standard on SCSI drives. A 36GB 10,000 rpm SCSI drive is only $160. SCSI has 15k rmp drives. IDE still does not have any 10k rpm drives.
For IDE RAID 5, you would probably need to build your own, because I haven't seen any (that I can remember of the top of my head) vendors offer IDE RAID 5. Also, the high end IDE hard drives (like the Western Digital SE drives with 8 megs of cache) like I was thinking of using do have 3 year warranties. I think 15k rpm hard drives are unneccesary and too expensive for our needs. Also, I question our need for RAID 5. What is wrong with RAID 1? We would probably be able to get IDE RAID 1 and RAID 1 still provides redundancy.

Since we need service, what are good but cheap Athlon MP rack mount vendors?
If each part comes with a warranty, then why do we need service? You didn't reply to the idea about proxy servers, because if we had them, then service wouldn't be as critical. Also, the second anandtech article I linked to has like 12 vendors that sell the 1U rackmount servers. You can look through them to find a cheap one.

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