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Originally Posted by adpowers
In terms of processors, I think we should go with dual Athlon MPs. It is has a much better price/performance ratio (last time I checked) than versus Xeons. If you would like to see the performance, you can look at this article:
Yes I recall that article. I am a bit lerry of their homegrown DB tests. Woud our DB transactions be similar to a Forum?? What DB system are they using? To confirm their results if they use the DB we want to use (mySQL??) are their any other Athon vs. Xeon benchmarks?

In terms of hosting, it would be very expensive to send it to a colo. If we could find someone at a university that would be willing to host it, that would be ideal. Universities have lots of bandwidth and since this is a mathematical project, they should find it a worthy use of bandwidth. Also, if we were hosting in a college, we wouldn't neccessarily need a 1U case, because we wouldn't get charged by the U (hopefully, we wouldn't get charged at all).
I am a student at PSU. I would be happy to present a proposal to the university. What could we offer a unversity? A university would need to see this as a beneficial project. They are after all financially oriented like a business.
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