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Default Re: New Server Hardware and price quotes, Funding the server

Originally Posted by Angular

2) CPU: There are two main options for the CPUs: Dual Xeon or Dual Athlon MP [ or if cost is a concern Dual PIII, now up to 1.4GHz; but note that the PIII 1.4 ~ P4 2.4 cost].
What are the benchmarks for the Athlons and Xeons in mySQL? (or what DB are we planning on using?)

3) Memory: I think the current 256MB of RAM in the current server is probably a bottleneck. It is very important to have sufficient RAM to completely cache the DB.

How large is the DB and how much RAM would be needed to completely cache it? (room for future growth?)
I think 512Mb is the minimum we should look at. 1GB would be preferred if we have the financial resources.
I'd prefer Dual Athlon. They perform better than Xeon and PIII in the average work, unless you hand-code each application.

If you use a transactional database, 1GB RAM would be better to cache all the tablespace. If you plan 512, you have to redesign the database control files when upgrading (Oracle docet).

Luigi 8)
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