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Originally Posted by Cruelty View Post
I am assuming that ranges above GM37 are available for testing - I am not 100% sure though
After I finish my factoring assignment (currently at 38.5M) I might do some ranges above GM37. Do you want to reserve some exponents grobie? I can also supply you with 48-bit prefactored ranges
Yes I would like to do some exponents.

I tested 6 exponents just to see how long they took:

2^749449-2^374725+1 is not prime. Proth RES64: 7DD5AC313F3329B5
(2^749449+2^374725+1)/5 is not prime. RES64: 71FE049240D82EDC Time: 4347.773 sec.
2^749453+2^374727+1 has a factor : 25766194141 and (2^749453-2^374727+1)/5 has a factor : 13208359673
2^749461+2^374731+1 is not prime. Proth RES64: 67F095B7D67C1D8A
(2^749461-2^374731+1)/5 is not prime. RES64: 7A443C6113C3912E Time: 4107.029 sec.
2^749467+2^374734+1 is not prime. Proth RES64: E060ADCEE0746E68
(2^749467-2^374734+1)/5 is not prime. RES64: A1A5C315C75F1E52 Time: 4067.686 sec.
2^749471-2^374736+1 is not prime. Proth RES64: A6FE3FBE4262FCA1
(2^749471+2^374736+1)/5 is not prime. RES64: 7AECD6ED6B5E5ECD Time: 4092.372 sec.
2^749543-2^374772+1 is not prime. Proth RES64: D5D342A9FB4F8824
(2^749543+2^374772+1)/5 is not prime. RES64: 2A9CF45A100CCDCE Time: 4085.882 sec.
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