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Software: head to this page and download latest LLR version.
In order to start search you have to download file - it is prefactored till 32 bits.
Then, choose your range. Available ranges AFAIK are:
- 700000 till GM36 (991961) - some missing GQ might be found
- from 1203799 till ~40M (next GM and GQ)
Remember to add
to your llr.ini - this will allow you looking for both GM and GQ.
As for the timings, testing single exponent @ 1.2M takes 2800-2900 seconds on a C2D @ 3GHz, however you should also take into account factoring which unfortunately takes a lot of time right now and you cannot limit it to given value (for current exponents, I would say that 50-51 bits is more than enough, unfortunately it goes till 59 bits AFAIR). The factoring depth really keeps me from continuing GM/GQ search right now.

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