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Originally Posted by Zeta-Flux
I'm trying to convince my friend that he should run GIMPS on his computer. He is worried that it will wear out his computer. How much wear and tear will running GIMPS do to his computer?

The extra heat dissipation will probably make it wear out more quickly, though not by very much.

I'm in the habit of running machines continually for years on end. The lifetime is probably reduced but not by so much that I notice, by and large. The biggest losers seem to be motherboard fans (cpu & chipset) which tend to die after three or four years. As for the cpu, my overclocked PentiumPro-233 is still going strong, even though it is about 10 years old and has needed two replacement cpu fans in that time. If running it continually has reduced the machine's lifespan from, say, 25 years to 15 years I can't honestly say I'm worried.

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