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I have noticed in the past that when I submit factors that have been found (trial factoring or P-1) through the manual pages, the server always says "Insufficient information for accurate CPU credit." For trial factoring, it seem to do OK assigning credit, but for P-1 it always assumes the factor was found in Stage #1 with B1=800000, even though the result that I send has the true information. Can someone explain this?
Since you have assignment ID's (AID) why don't you just move the .spl file from the computer that does not communicate directly with PrimeNet to a computer that does ? You just have to check that the computer you move the file to has communicated and thus has no .spl file of his own, then after moving the file you initiate the communication with the server or just wait for the next automatic communication. You will not need to use the "Manual Communication" pages and your results will be accepted as they are.

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