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I've looked at [B]18 a4 bxa4[/B] a bit more.

[B]18 a4[/B]

18 ... bxa4
19 Rxa4 Ba6 20 Nd2 wins the c-pawn.[/QUOTE] 20 ... Bb5 says, "Not so fast", but after 21 Ra2 (perhaps 21 Bxc6+ Nxc6 could be interpolated before 22 Ra2 -- does this have some advantage for us?) we can pile pressure on c4 (N-e4-d6, Bd2 and Ne3, then Rfa1 doubles our rooks) and we might hope to make Black regret having pushed his Q-side pawns so far. Of course, this does give Black plenty of time to castle or otherwise bring his R/h8 into play.

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