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Man, thank you for all the effort you do there, and I am very sorry I did not participate yet. You may not know, if you don't read some threads here, I already posted somewhere that I have some friends from around Chicago visiting me for Christmas (they are already here, living in our house, and will leave after the New Year), we didn't see each other for about 7 years and you imagine we have lots to talk and show, going here and there, showing them around, etc. The wives, which are already a small nuisance :razz: may became a [B]BIG[/B] one if I start playing chess in the evening when I arrive home. Moreover, the past weekend I had lots of trouble installing a new rig for factoring (see the mfakto related threads) and no time for chess. Not to mention that since 5th of December, when SWMBO stayed home (Thai national holiday, king's birthday), my chess board magically disappeared from the main room where it was set, and an (artificial - no way to get a natural one here) Christmas tree appeared instead of it...

So, if I don't get some time to look to the position today or tomorrow (I am not promising anything!) then we go by your analysis. I am trusting you as being the best player in our former or actual team, including myself (sorry WMH :blush:)

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