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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
I don't know exactly, what do you mean here? Can you give an example, please.
As an example, stated that ryanp performed 4200 ECM curves on (the cofactor of 1528152860898312226820507829734311038694803153043007^5-1) at B1=26e7. We could have a "long number" page for that linked FactorDB entry (or, alternatively, the entry for 1528152860898312226820507829734311038694803153043007^5-1, which would likely be more stable if additional factors are found but the number isn't completely factored) with a history entry in the remarks saying something like "2022-03-30: Performed 4200 curves at B1=26e7 by Ryan Propper", with a link to the forum post.
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