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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
I've updated the extension ExternalData to the newest version, but this did not eliminated the error.
I've inserted into the mime.types file of the MediaWiki source the line
application/csv csv
there was only an entry with "text/csv csv".
I've uploaded a new version of the data file for Proth primes of the form k*b^n+1, least n-values and no error occured.

Try again now if the issue is solved for now.

I've searched for an error like this, but found no solution, an update to a newer MediaWiki version is not needed (and could also create other issues then).
The issue is now fixed, thank you. I looked at the current version of the MediaWiki code while investigating the issue, and the newer versions appear to have this problem too (they only list text/csv as a valid CSV MIME type), so an upgrade would not have fixed this issue (instead causing many others). I don't know if something changed in the browser support for CSV files, but I'm probably going to file a bug report with MediaWiki about this.
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