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Originally Posted by kladner View Post
Like coconuts?
Yes, I do like coconuts. Thanks for asking.

Speaking of (semi-)tropical fruits, I harvested our pineapple today.

Up here in the sub-arctic pineapples are exotica (almost typed "erotica" there) and a couple of centuries ago the aristocrats vied with each other for their gardeners to grow them --- this being long before the days of air-freight.

Anyway, about two years ago I planted a pineapple top. It's easy and fun to do and they make nice foliage plants as long as they have plenty of space and no-one feels the urge to cuddle them (SWMBO eventually learned about that constraint).

Last July it put up a flower stalk. Development was slow (vid. sup. re sub-artic) and the fruit was somewhat small by Costa Rican standards.

Now chopped up and about to be turned into a daiquiri. It isn't very sweet (again vid. sup.) but smells and tastes good.

Its top will be planted in the hope that a second generation will turn up in another couple of years.

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