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Originally Posted by martinwilke1980 View Post
Hi there,
I'd like to contribute to trial factoring > 1,000,000,000. However, I wasn't succesful in installing mfaktc or mfakto on my computer.
I got some assignments from and inserted them in the worktodo.txt of Prime95.
I got the following error message: "PrimeNet error 40: No assignment" because PrimeNet accepts only smaller numbers.
How can I upload the results now? accepts factoring data for exponents up to 4.29 billion (232). However (PrimeNet) only stores data for exponents up to 1.00 billion.

Here is the link to the new page on where you upload your results file. It expects an mfaktc/mfakto output file, but maybe the format is similar to mprime, I'm not sure.

mprime is not as efficient as mfaktc/mfakto for factoring. Actually, I'm not sure if mprime is even capable of factoring exponents larger than 1.00 billion. Maybe you should try again to see if you can install mfaktc/mfakto.

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