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Default NFS@Home Post-Processing Rack Build

Hi guys,

At website there's an option to build a cheap E5-2600 (eight core processor) rack server.
Specs are:

Processor #1:     2.00 GHz Eight (octa) -Core Xeon (E5-2650)
Processor #2:     2.00 GHz Eight (octa) -Core Xeon (E5-2650) 
Memory:     64GB - (16 x 4GB) - DDR3 ECC Reg - 1333Mhz
RAID:     OnBoard SATA - (6 x Caddies Included)
Rails:     Included + £0.00 

Price: £294.99
Looks like two hard drives should be bought, what about power supply? Also if more racks are added they should be connected between themselves with Infiniband connections or it is enough to have a Gigabit Ethernet connections?

Thank you in advance,

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