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Don't feel you have to apologize at length for attending to real-life matters instead of this game! Just do what you have to do (especially during this holiday season), and come back to chess only when you have done all more-important things.

I wasn't expecting either of you to necessarily reply rapidly ... or perhaps at all! I know how busy one can get with important real-life matters, especially during the holiday season. It so happens that my holiday schedule became less crowded (for no unpleasant reason) that I had expected, so I had leisure to push around chess pieces.


I'm always prepared to post our next move to the "Vote Chess game 2" thread if you haven't posted anything here or there by, say, a day before the deadline. So, please fulfill your real-life obligations without worrying about this game.

We're a _team_, and we each contribute what we can at any particular time. I almost certainly have more leisure time than either of you for the next couple of weeks.

I find our current game position fascinating, and have enjoyed following out some speculations and presenting them so you could just review them quickly. :-)

- - -

Back to why I came here to post again tonight:

I looked more at Black's potential responses after [B]17 d4[/B], and found that their best might be 17 ... f6. (They certainly wouldn't wait for us to get 18 Ng5 in before pushing their f-pawn.)

[B]17 d4 f6[/B]

[B]18 exf6 [/B]is probably our best here, but there is still the possibility of the adventurous:

[B]18 Bf4[/B] g5 19 exf6 (simultaneous attack on B, N and R! I don't think I've ever had that possibility in any previous game I've played) gxf4 20 fxg7 Rg8 21 gxf4 Rxg7 and we've gained a pawn ... at the expense of having a rook aimed at our King! But the position is still fluid if we want to live dangerously...

For instance,
22 Ng5 Kd7 (or 22 ... h6? 23 Nxe6 Rg6 24 Nc7+ Kd7 25 Nxb5 Nxd4 26 Nxd4 Rxg2+ 27 Kh1 Rxb2+ 28 Nf3 Rd2 29 Kg1 and now either ... Bxf3 or ... Rd-moves (but not ... Rd3 30 Ne5+))
23 Nf2 Ng6 24 Nfe4 threatening 25 Nc5+


18 ... fxe5 (Now be careful -- some permutation of captures could allow some surprise -- I'm not going through all of them yet) 19 Bxe5 Nxe5 20 Nxe5 Bxe5 21 dxe5 Bxg2 22 Kxg2 Nc6 23 Re1 Rd8 24 Nf2 and now 24 ... Rd5 25 Ng4 Ke7 or 24 ... Rf8 (24 ... O-O just takes the king away from where it's needed) 25 Ng4 Ke7 This might be drawish.

- - -

Anyway, I now see our main line as:
[B]17 d4 f6 [/B]18 exf6 Bxf6 19 Bf4[/B] and Black's best is probably 19 ... Rd8 20 Nf2 and we can threaten with Rae1, Ne4 or g4.

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