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[QUOTE=LaurV;359620]I didn't overlook Ng5, but I just don't like it... 15.g4 f5 16.Ng5 Kd7[/QUOTE]
16 ... Kd7 puts the K on a dangerous spot !!

[quote]17.gxf5 gxf5 18. exf5 [B]Nxf5(!)[/B] We have to retreat the bishop, or defend it,[/quote]No, we don't. [I]We have a powerful K-side configuration.[/I] Our B/e3 is already defended because our N/d1 isn't tied to pawn-guard duty anymore, leaving us free to respond to ... Nf5 with a counterthreat.

If 18 ... Nxf5 (no !), just swing out our other bishop: 19 Bh3

Then 19 ... Nxe3 just helps us develop:

20 Bxe6+ K moves 21 Nxe3 (reconnecting our rooks)
with threat of 22 B/e6 moves and 23 Ne6+

or we can choose to sac the Exchange for the e-pawn and more threats on the black king:
20 Nxe6!? Nxf1 21 Nxg7+ Kd8 22 Ne6+ Ke8 23 Nc7+ and if Black doesn't want a draw by repetition his K has to move to the f-file, then 24 Kxf1.
or 21 ... Kc7 22 Ne6+ Kb6 (Here, pause to enjoy the position ...) 23 Kxf1.

The result from that sac could be either:
the Black king moves into his Q-side setup,
or our knight moves into Black's Q-side setup.
but of course there's probably some deviation I haven't explored.

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