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So, is the number being tested for being prime or not? What is the "64-bit Lucas-Lehmer residue"? Would we know whether or not the number was prime after 7 days? When do we come to know whether or not the number is prime?
By doing the Lucas-Lehmer test, you are testing whether the number is prime or not. It will not give a factor, just tell you whether it is prime or not. If it has a "residue" (what is left over after the test) it is not prime, if the residue is 0, then the number is prime. I am going to assume that the "days to go" is 7. In that case, in 7 days, you will know what the residue is. If there is no residue, the number that you are testing is prime.

As for why your P90 CPU hrs/day is so low, this i can't explain. Maybe one of the moderators or someone more knowledgable than me will be able to answer this one for you.
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