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Beats me on the notification process. Hopefully Max will get to it before there is a problem there. David's servers prune every hour so I'm not sure why mine need to prune every 15 mins.

It's been about 25 mins. and no prune and no dropped server and a nice scrolling of pairs behind proposed to you. That as well as one pair proposed to me, which the server also correctly showed as cancelled and handed out to you when I did the llrnet -c command on my client.

My work is done here. lol Seriously, I'll check it once again after 3:30 AM CDT.

Edit: One more thing. Although I'm sure it's changed because I have had to recycle my router 2-3 times in the last month in addition to 2 short power outages, AFAIK we've haven't had a problem with any changing IP address in a long time.

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