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OH!! I get it now! The prune period is every 15 mins. OK, in 3 mins., I'll be able to watch it again. If it goes down, the prune period is going to 24 hours. The joblist and knpairs files don't need to be cleaned THAT often!

Edit: It just did it again; pruned and went down. Prune period is getting changed now.

Edit 2: Max, when you look into this issue later Monday, I'd suggest setting the prune period to 1 hour minimum. I'm now setting it to 24 hours. Ian, hopefully it will stop crashing now.

Edit 3: Server has been restarted with a prune period of 86400 secs. (24 hours). Hopefully that will be the last of the crashes for tonight. I'll watch it to make sure it doesn't prune shortly after 3 AM. I just now ran a client and it received a pair OK. We'll see if that holds in about a half hour.

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