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AH HA!! I caught it this time. I don't get this pruning process thing. That's only supposed to be once/hour but it did it on the half hour. Right after it did it, the server went down again. This time, I immediately restarted it.

BTW, there is quite a lightning storm here. Don't be surprised if there's another outage.

I won't be up but another hour so you may want to move your machines to another port for the night. Even though I restarted it again, it's possible that they're hung again after the server just stopped itself again for no reason 3 mins. ago.

Edit: I see it proposing pairs to you again and actually scolling down the page so hopefully things are OK again until it goes down again.

Edit 2: More strangness: I see it do it's pruning on port 8000 and it has no problems. I just had an idea: If this things crashes at 3 AM CDT, I'm going to change the pruning period to 24 hours. Perhaps that will stop the problem until Max can look at it.

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