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Originally Posted by R. Gerbicz
I think it isn't impossible to rewrite the programs. Just use almost everywhere mpz_t integers in GMP instead of long long variables, I'll think about it, if I can do it then there won't be limitations in the program ( it won't be slower!) and probably we can find a Hexaproth also by a very-very large computation. I' ve estimated that it is possible that the smallest hexaproth's n value is n=71 but k is about 2^70>kmax limit=2^60 in the program.
I had a quick go as part of my work on the network client.

I'm trying to combined both programs (octo and dodeca) and also move the long long vars to mpz_t.

When I get a bit closer I'll send you my modified source, with the hooks in it needed for the network client that will be ifdef'd out by default.

I was also waiting for the programs to settle down (octo 5.0 and dodeca 2.0) as I don't want to pushing out new clients every other day :-)

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