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I managed to link one part of my Version 4 account to my Version 5 account; however, I do not think that it gave me all the credit for the work I have done in the past few years. Additionally, I do not think it linked work that I had put going on an additional computer (still running version 4) that I do not have immediate access to but is registered under the same Version 4 user name. However I do not know how to return the previous exponents that I was running under version 4 that have probably already been returned to the server as my computer has done no work on them for months. I checked the four exponents that I have not worked on in some time and found the following: 2 are assigned to anonymous, 1 is assigned to a specific user name and 1 indicates there is an unverified Lucas-Lehmer test. Is there any further action on my part required? Thanks.
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