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Originally Posted by BudgieJane View Post
That explains why I can't see the hieroglyphs (I am on Windoze7). I'm going to have to go to Windoze 10 sooner or later; the later the better, it seems to me.

Thanx for the info.
Just install the right font... You will find the Noto True Type fonts in a lot of places. As always you can start your search on Wikipedia which is more or less free of commercial influences : Noto fonts. There they point to Google Google Noto Fonts.

It is funny : I just spent some time on a fresh Linux installation REMOVING all the fonts I won't use in the foreseeable future (hieroglyphs and quite a few other cited in this thread amongst them.)

As to Windows 10 ... I agree, I had to upgrade because MS stopped their support in Windows 7 at the 6th generation of Intel processors and there isn't a moment I don't wish I could go back. But I digress (as I often do.)

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