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Default Re: P4: "error is reproducable..." / Speed

Originally Posted by alexnoe
According to the readme file, it is very rare to get a "error is reproducable and thus not a hardware problem"-message, but I actually get it several times per exponent.
Another strange thing is that the benchmark results are 10% slower than comparable systems in the list. I can't imagine that this is caused only by the lower memory frequency
You are maybe trying to LL-test an exponent near to the FFT soft crossover point, if the errors are "reproducable" it means that the routine is working fine as it reproduces the same values, and the hardware is working as well, as a random failure in the CPU happening in the same exact point of the routine and giving the same result is unlikely to happen, but the error is due to "For reasons too complicated to go into here, the program's error checking is not perfect" :(

As for the benchmarks, try to disable all programs that run in the background, then (if the difference persists) try checking CPU work with a CPU analysis tool like WinTop.

Hope this helps.

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