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Default P4: "error is reproducable..." / Speed

OK, I'm using a Pentium 4, 2400, overclocked to 2880 (was 2900 before, but this gave a blue screen once a week, now tring a bit less). Memory is Kingston 512 MB, DDR266, CL2. Memory frequency is 120 MHz, since with an FSB of 160, i could only choose 160 or 120 MHz. CPU temperature is 60°C at 100% CPU load.

According to the readme file, it is very rare to get a "error is reproducable and thus not a hardware problem"-message, but I actually get it several times per exponent. The torture test didn't find anything within 12 hours, while the message comes much more often.
If I really had a hardware problem as a reason for these messages, such as heat or too much overclocking, then the errors would not be reproducable, would they?

Another strange thing is that the benchmark results are 10% slower than comparable systems in the list. I can't imagine that this is caused only by the lower memory frequency
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