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Default 7,391+ c281 -> c235 (p46)

Originally Posted by garo View Post
Base    Index    Size    11M(45digits)  43M(50digits)    110M(55digits)    260M(60digits)    Decimal

7    391+    C281    0(0.267423)    0(0.0522979)    165(0.00921839)    0(0.00148122)    15447648579494257995639523563041579963781419175650953782737517531404675841338563961311901583097189888459303423561315822968403211737689491218288706539727488463400652825916891808614621701770654797080449720857175315477849499313649816507699060789062875463578838378145683464685573644031
Another small xp factor (to go with the p50 Opteron factor, as my first
from 2007, in the non-sticky 2+ discussion).

p46= 4429642801163795117773992875901047668871730239

As reported in the title (especially for people that don't read titles!),
the cofactor is a 235-digit composite. Quite some ways to go on
this one. An earlier report in this thread mentioned an additional
3500 xp curves (that's b1=43M, gmp-ecm611 ATH's prescott binary;
b2 so that 7830 curves are needed to test for p50) being needed
to complete p50 on c234-c250. Looks that would have been with
800 curves finished; while the current count is 2400 finished, so
3500-1600 = 1900 left to go?

This p46 is from the c251-c299 range, which had an initial t45, and
is now at new 1200 curves, b1=43M. The 2+ and 2- in c251-c366
have had 2000/7830, enough for a bit more than a 2nd test to p45,
so I'm working on bringing the rest of c251-c299 up to 2000. The
least tested range of Cunningham numbers is the part of c3xx
(i.e., 300-c366) that's not on the 2- or 2+ list (for n<1200, so
c3xx's from 2LM is under-tested, relative to the rest) --- these ones
have only had 1000 new b1=43M curves beyond the initial test to
p45. Hope this suffices for a current report-from-the-front, pending
a comprehensive update on my July post on the 2.0-thread.

In brief, the race between the AMD's, xp's and the old P3's here isn't
a very straight comparison, on several counts. Never-the-less,
1 for the Opterons, 1 for the xps, so far in 2006.

Regards, Bruce
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