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Default p50 finishes 7,377+

Originally Posted by akruppa View Post
2300 curves at B1=11M on 7,277+ ... 7,377+ ...
Adds 0.50108 to p45 and 0.06662 to p50 for each.

The Lehigh count on c234-c250 is at 56.38% t50, which was enough
to finish 7,377+ C248 with

p50 = 46215747540095507833650423122055432531249537597319
and a p198 cofactor. An xp-condor factor for ATH's "Prescott without"
binary of 6.1.1, the 3rd so far. This is the first of the low-memory run,
on public pcs unlikely to switch to sieving, so other things being equal,
another 3500/7830 curves to go for t50.

The Opterons are on the last run of 525 curves with b1=260M to
finish t50 on c211-c233, running the last 75 numbers. -Bruce
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