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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
If that is true, and APNT is basically the same bogus crap you keep posting to this board every few months, it seems their editorial standards are "colossally" low.

You have a most curious definition of "possible prime." Note that I do not intend "curious" to imply in any way that your "definition" is interesting - rather, the kinds of descriptive terms that do come to mind include "idiotic," "clueless", and "wasteful of other people's time." Might I suggest that you either keep your inane musings to yourself, or take them elsewhere? I normally would refrain from using such harsh language, but this is not the first time you've posted this garbage here.

And this tells us what, exactly? That certain perfect squares are ... perfect squares?

So the primes 2 and 3 are in fact not prime, at the same time that any product of your designated 6k+1 possible primes is not clearly composite? You sir, are a moron.

I tremble at the thought of the further "enlightenment" you speak of.

Whoever you are I can predict that you (sooner or later) will regret some of
the replies, which you (directly or indirectly) have sent to me.
From your comments I realize that you have limited knowledge of Latin
and have not looked into a dictionary with translations of foreign phrases.
If you prefer modern, more technical expressions in Esperanto or alike,
the translation of "lapsus calami" will be a "typo".

It is not worthwhile to react to your other replies.

Try to read my threads or replies, open-minded for new ideas.
When you pretty soon will see new threads on "Fermat's small theorem",
"An analysis of (the very few) Mersenne primes and the vast majority of
[2^p -1] products", a new tool "SCET (an acronym for Smallest Common
Exponential Term, radix 2)" and "Riemann's zeta-function" and maybe
want to open these threads, please swallow a couple of tranquillizers before
you make your comments.

Perhaps you can find a translation (in your dictionary) of the following quotation: "Quousque tandem abutere patientia".

troels munkner
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