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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
I was hoping to be able to park at least a chunk of the money in some safe vehicle like a brokerage CD (like a regular CD, principal+interest guaranteed at maturity, but actually liquid-marketable prior to then, although selling pre-maturity "at market" loses said guarantees ... one can get 2-3year maturity ones of those currently with interest rates approaching 3%), but poking around the account options I don't see any option for interest-bearing *anything*. Perhaps we need a different kind of business account for that?
Liquidity is the key here since the funds need to be drawn upon for the operating costs and potential reward payouts. That rules out the longer term CDs or MM accounts, but even an interest bearing checking account might still pull in a few bucks each month. If enough was set aside to handle a year of expenses, put the rest towards a 1-year whatever.
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