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Default K=13236795 Status Post

For not soiling the "I'd like to help out" thread,
I open a seperate thread wich will contain info about my progress of this K.

Moderators, if it is possible please move all the reply's in the "I'd like to help out" thread to here.

: stopped sieving of 13236795 of the range 220k => 500k
: started llr'ing this range => 18.000 candidates left (of the 280K potentials)
: continuing sieving of the 500K => 1M range
Primes found so far:

13236795*2^167188-1 is prime!    50000+ digits
13236795*2^199020-1 is prime!    59919 digits
13236795*2^199516-1 is prime!    60068 digits
13236795*2^215582-1 is prime!    64904 digits
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