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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
#3 and 5 are a sure thing now. BOINC and I have all of those reserved already. I'll be done with my final base in a few days.

As for #1...BOINC also has multiple one k bases reserved starting from n=400K. They've already proved two of them in the last month bringing the count down to 1. Now it's just a matter of luck whether they get the final one or not by Dec. 31st.

The primes goals were too aggressive and have little chance now. I'll lower them for next year.

I hope so. I hate this year. Today my power supply died, the first time I could rescue and restore the hole database, two days ago I have found a win10 bug which caused the PC to restart (VSS service issue with VM). I hope that is now fixed too. Lets see what brings us tomorrow :(
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