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Thought Asus's refresh of their B450s was interesting:

If they keep the same price points those would be spectacular budget boards, one thing that led me to getting an x570 was the lackluster vrms and memory overclocking support on the b450 strix, as i think it only had a basic 4 phases and 3600mhz ram support. the refresh bumps the specs up to an 8 phase vrm, 4400mhz ram support, updated usb 3.2 (from 3.1) ports for doubled bandwidth, cpu-less bios flashback, and a larger bios rom. if they keep that at the original 130 bucks I might drop my x570-e for one as I paid 230 bucks for it and have no use for the pcie 4.0 yet. although i do prefer the looks and a few other features on the x570-e, and it'll support zen 3 on release. hmmmm....
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