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Originally Posted by frmky
If you're ever up for a change of pace, the 151 digit cofactor of the 200 digit number 100^99+99^100 is still up for grabs. ECM is complete at the 50 digit level, plus 400 curves at B1=100M. Plus, it'd be interesting to see whether SNFS or GNFS would be better here. Based on GGNFS experience, it seems that the linear SNFS polynomial, 99^20 x - 100^20 would make things difficult.

That's an idea!

I seemed to have started something with the x^y+y^x prime-finding project. Andrey Kulsha found lots of primes and strong pseudoprimes and began the XYYXF project to factor numbers of this type. (100,99).c151 has been one of his most wanted numbers for a long time now.

I'll give it some thought.

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