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Originally Posted by RichD View Post
Thinking ahead, perhaps Greg can host a "hidden queue" for us Mersennians to work at our leisure.
Greg has in the past expressed disinterest in projects using LP>33 because of runaway storage needs. Indeed, even if we give up 10+% efficiency to drop LP to something like 35/37 we'll still need on the order of 8G raw relations, which roughly matches the relations count in the entire 14e and 15e queues!
I don't mind buying an extra disk for my workstation and running an internet-facing CADO server on that disk, which would allow us to collect relations at our leisure. Do 15G relations fit into 1GB? Do I need double the disk space (e.g. 2TB dedicated disk) of the expected relation set to handle things like uniqueing, compression, filtering?

Also, thanks to Max for pointing out the minus-sign problem with copy-paste! I did exactly as he suspected.

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