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[QUOTE=WMHalsdorf;379182]Since the rook is going to end up on a6 it now seems better to do it outright.[/QUOTE]
I can't believe they just gave us the two pawns on the other side for free!

Their move would be brilliant in a face-to-face game, where the opponent can "play fast" and tend to "follow with the plan", i.e. move Bf1, because that is why we moved the bishop, isn't it? :smile: And they can catch our rook with the bishop fork... But in a game where few people analyze the position for a week, I think this move was not so good...

You are right, [B]Ra6[/B] is our move!

I mean, we need to move the rook, or the king, due the the Bc5+ fork. The alternative to rock/king is only 38 Bd7+, which is weak, we help them repair (centralize the king back, etc).

So, what's left is either Ra8+, Ra6, or king move (say Kf1, Kg2, Kh1, but from them, Kg2 seems better, as h1 is too cornered, and if f1, they can check, etc). With Ra8 we help them to bring the bishop to guard the pawn. But with Ra6, we get the other two pawns, black can't defend all of them in the same time...

So, we go for Ra6.
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