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Originally Posted by MooooMoo View Post
I was sieving k=173 from n=1M to n=2M, and I found this message by NewPGen:

p=2215115304221 divides n=1798220.

However 2,215,115,304,221 is composite (that number is 8627 * 256765423), so that message should not have popped up. Why didn't NewPGen remove n=1798220 when it was at p=8627 or at p=256765423?

In case anyone's wondering, I was using NewPGen version 2.82 on a Pentium 4 computer. The problem also appears on another Pentium 4 machine, so I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware problem.
k*2^n-1 isn't divisible by your p.
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