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[QUOTE=LaurV;368889]all their pawns are more advanced than ours,[/QUOTE]... but the most advanced pawns aren't going further. Only their b- and c-pawns are "advanced".

If a knight is to defend c4, it has to get to b6 or d6, and that is either too lengthy or gets ambushed or is too costly to be a net gain. For the N/e7: ... Nf5 loses a piece (with check) to Bxc6+. ... Nd5 will get ambushed by Bxd5 or (after we move Ne3) Nxd5 exd5, Bxd5. Nc8 requires moving the B/c8 first. For the N/c6, it has to take a longer route such as N-d8-b7-d6 or Na7-c8(requires bishop move first)-d6

We could attack the c-pawn as soon as move 24 with Ne3, sooner than Black can defend it.

As for the b-pawn, an advance to b3 is a dead end: as soon as c4 falls, it's undefended except by a rook, and we can attack it twice with N&B or N&N combinations.

(OTOH, if we do stoop to take the R/b8 after Bf4, we may have to carefully plan how to handle the b- and c-pawns if we don't do bxc3 right away. Perhaps 24 Bf4 just won't be worthwhile after further analysis.)

[quote] so (almost) any exchange of pawns is in their advantage.[/quote]Not ... bxc3. We retake with bxc3 (Poof! there went one of their "advanced" pawns!), and the black rook on the open b-file has a curious problem: Even if it's not so "embarrassed" as to be forced to sit at a8, there's no useful safe square on the b-file for it!

We have b1 covered by our R/a1, b2 covered by our N/d1, b3 covered by our N/c5, b4 covered by our pawn on c3, b5 covered by our pawn on a4, and b7 covered by our N/c5, leaving only b6. A rook on b6 isn't very threatening, especially after our Nxc4 makes that one also rook-uninhabitable!.

Even if we were to immediately move our N/d1 ([B]23 exf6 Rxf6 24 Ne3[/B]), square b2 won't be safe for that rook. 24 ... bxc3 25 bxc3 Rb2 26 Nxc4 serves the eviction notice. If it tries to hang around with 26 ... Rc2, then 27 Be4 serves the [strike]eviction[/strike] Exchange notice.

[quote]We can not cover the rook,[/quote]Which rook? Covered why?

[quote] or Ne3 (to make place to the other rook, if they exchange, but this will weaken our queen side).[/quote]Ne3 does not weaken our queen-side, as explained above.

[quote]The only move which seems "reasonable" is Bf4. It looks good and aggressive, but... [U]what if they don't move the rook[/U]?[/quote]Then they lose the rook.

[quote]This version is very plausible, and if we get greedy and take the rook, it may be worse for us![/quote]We'd take the rook/b8 only after analyzing that it would be safe for us.

[B]23 exf6 Rxf6[/B][quote]24 Bf4 bxc3 25 [U]bxc3[/U] e5 26 dxe5 Nxe5 27 Bxe5 Rxf1 28 Bxf1 Bxe5 29 Bxc4 Bf5 - clearly a draw[/quote]But we won't be that dumb -- we will do something else earlier and never get as far as move 26 in that line.

[B]23 exf6 Rxf6 24 Bf4 bxc3[/B][quote]if 25 Bxb8 -> .. cxb2 Nxb2[/quote]No, 26 Rb1 is smarter there.[quote]Rxf1 Kxf1 Bxd4, now we [strike]must take Nxc4, otherwise we may not be able to stop that pawn from transforming, and they get the Rook back: Bxa1.[/strike][/quote]calmly play 28 Bd6.

[quote]What the hack I am missing?[/quote]Sleep :-)

- - -

It seems clear that our move 23 choice is

[B]23 exf6[/B] -- 5
else -- 0

but we have five days to analyze what's next.

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