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[QUOTE=LaurV;368889]I don't like this f6 move. What went wrong?[/QUOTE]Nothing except that you're tired. Get some rest. :-)

[quote]We had the game in hand.{/quote]We still do. Get some rest :-)

[quote]I squeeze my brains, what's left of it after a busy day at work, but can't get better that a draw.[/quote]No, no, no, [I]you're just tired and have forgotten our positional and tactical advantages[/I]. Get some rest before looking again!

We still get at least two pawns -- they aren't in our hands right this moment, but they're positionally weak and Black can't hold them much longer. The pawn/c4 is a goner; we just have to swat a few pesky distractions by Black before we collect it in peace. The pawn/e6 is unsupportable against our resources.

[quote]If they exchange the rooks in f1,[/quote](after [B]23 exf6 Rxf6[/B]) [quote]they get advantage, maybe win.[/quote]No, swapping on f1 is no big advantage for them. If we retake with our king, then later ... Bxd4 is not with check. Get some rest :-)

[quote]If we exchange the rooks in f6,[/quote]([B]23 exf6 Rxf6 24 Rxf6 Bxf6)[/B]

[quote]we help them develop the king side,[/quote]No, no. We [B]eat[/B] their king side: [B]25 Bxh6 g5 26 Ne4 Kf7 27 Bxg5[/B] (not 27 Nxg5+ Kg6)

(to be continued)

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