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[B]23 exf6 Bxf6[/B] 24 Bxh6 Rf7...<snip>...[/QUOTE]
This looks terrible for black, after 25 Ne4. They lose at least a figure. Better (for black) would be 24...Rh8, where we can exchange the bishops and we take another pawn in e6. Either way, it is still bad for black, they will lose the game for sure if Bxf6 - the king flank is gone, the center is gone, they have less material, queen side is blocked.

It is clear we have to take the pawn, as WMH said too. Their only way to go is [B]23...Rxf6[/B]. Here we have to work for our next (24) move. We can exchange the rooks and go for the pawn advantage, but this opens the center for them, they develop the bishop well. We can give the column and go for the pawn in e6, we can "block" with Bf4 (they are forced to move the rook from b8, and we get one more move), we can go for the pawns in b/c (I don't thing this is a good idea, let them blocked is much in our advantage now, as black has no much to play).

Here is where we have to work. So, 23.exf6 Rxf6 is the continuation 100%.
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