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Our deadline is [URL=""]Wednesday, March 19 10:01 UT[/URL].

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Here's something not yet in our analysis, IIRC:

After the pawn swap on f6, if the rooks are not involved, or have also been swapped, Black's dark-square bishop threatens to win a pawn via ... Nxd4 and ... Bxd4+. Here though, unless there's something more to complicate this, we interpose with Be3 and protect the knight while blocking the check. So the threat is Black's freeing of his position, not material gain.

For example, after
[B]23 exf6[/B] Rxf6 24 Rxf6 Bxf6 25 Bxh6 Nxd4 26 cxd4 Bxd4+ 27 Be3 e5 28 Bxd4 exd4, material is still even but Black has transformed his e-isolani into a passer in a queen-side pawn majority. Our N/d1 looks worse than Black's N/e7, and Black's B/c8 is unleashed.

So, we'd need to vary somewhere to prevent that outcome, perhaps with 24 Ne3 in the line above.

Maybe [B]23 ... Rxf6 24 Ne3[/B] Rxf1+ 25 Rxf1 bxc3 26 bxc3 h5 (if 26 ... Rb2 27 Nxc4) 27 Nxc4. But Black must have better moves.

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Hey, [I]we[/I] have better moves!

[B]23 exf6[/B] [B] Rxf6 (or Bxf6) 24 Bf4 [/B]embarrasses Black's QR. If 24 ... Rb6 25 Bc7. So, [B]24 ... Ra8 25 Ne3[/B] g5 26 Bc7 (threatening 27 Nxc4 and 28 Nd6++) Ra7 27 Bb6 Ra8 28 Nxc4. If 28 ... Rxf1+ 29 Rxf1 and Black must defend carefully.

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